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Latest Update – 1/5/2011: Hey guys, so… I have a little secret. YOU CAN’T TELL ANYBODY! Shhhhhhh. See that little button over there to the left? The one under the book cover image? Yeah… that’s what you think it is. But seriously, the book is officially on sale. Right now, it’s just paperback, working on getting the eBook out later this week (conversion process and all).

In January 2011, the first book on developing sites using dotCMS was released by author Michael Fienen. The book is targeted at folks who find themselves in a situation where they are being asked (or told) to develop a site in dotCMS without much foreknowledge of the system. This could be consultants or administrators at a company, or maybe just someone who found the system and was impressed with it, but wants to get more advice on techniques. These people will likely have some web background to draw on, and they probably have experience in other CMSs, but might not have had exposure to this particular platform.

It starts from a fairly low level, beginning with installing and setting up dotCMS, to reviewing the back end and starter site, and getting familiar with Velocity. By chapter 6, you’ll get into examples that are more involved, leading up to setting up a structure and using it to power a dynamic content page using macros and viewtools. While examples will be included that are meant to span different industries, emphasis will be placed on technique more than specific application, so that you can take what you learn and apply it to other cases.

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