oEmbed and JSON Plugins Available

Published on September 14, 2010 by in Macros, Plugins, Viewtools


Today, I am announcing the release of two new plugins for dotCMS, available now. The reason I am announcing them together is because the macro relies on the viewtool, but the viewtool has applications beyond the macro, so I didn’t feel that it was right to make it one big plugin. Also, the viewtool is […]

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Email from Velocity

Published on September 1, 2010 by in Development, Plugins, Viewtools


The more applications I build in dotCMS, the more I find myself trying to accomplish them with just Velocity coding. This saves me from having to create a plugin and make sure it is maintained through my systems. However, lately I have needed to write a lot of Form Handling with dotCMS. Not your basic, […]

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